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music festivals

Some festivals do have showers available on site, but often they cost money to use. Verdi Towels are more often used at music festivals to dry off after heavy downpours.

Waste has become of great concern at these events. Sir David Attenborough took the stage at Glastonbury this year to encourage festival-goers to avoid the use of plastic bottles.

Using a verdi biodegradable towel is both convenient, inexpensive and kind to the environment.

Inspite of the ban on use of plastic bottles, aftermath photographs taken during the Glastonbury clear-up show no evidence of revellers concern for the environment.

camping and backpacking

smart packing

No more bulky towels limiting your baggage allowance and weighing you down when travelling. Verdi towel are very light and low in volume. They fold up neatly in your travel case, backpack, beach bag and even handbag. Use for the duration of your trip and then dispose of when convenient.  You are on your way to making your contribution towards a greener world.


Most gym towels are hand sized measuring approximately
50 x 70 cms. A standard towel measures approximately 70 x 140 cms. They accommodate all shapes and sizes comfortably.
Their quick dry ability means they are highly convenient for frequent gym goers without the hassle of washing and drying. More room in your kit bag too as these large towels fold to the size of a small water bottle. Verdi Towels are used in the following gyms:-
  • 1Escape Gym & Fitness Club, Smithfield, Dublin 7, Ireland.
  • Dartry Health & Fitness, Palmerston Road, Dublin 6, Ireland.

They are super hygienic, odour free, save on water and electricity, cost effective and eco-friendly.


Airbnb is an innovative concept for both the traveller and host. 

“Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb. Find adventures nearby or in faraway places and access unique homes, experiences and places around the world.” 

Airbnb makes family travelling so affordable and encourages hosts to earn money and make use of additional unused accommodation. However laundering for both the host and the hosted is a headache. Regulations regarding the Airbnb guest include:-

“Use of washer and dryer is not permitted for stays of less than 1 week” and “If you are staying for at least one week, please ask before starting laundry. ( 2 loads maximum )”

Verdi towels offer a very convenient alternative to Airbnb laundry issues.