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greener towels for a greener planet

What are Verdi Towels? 

Extra large, biodegradable, recyclable, compostable sustainably sourced towels. 
They are quick dry, eco friendly, cost effective. hypoallergenic, tear and bacteria resistant. 

They can be used up to 10 plus times. 

They are highly versatile, convenient, time and storage saving. 

Most importantly they are compostable which helps reduce landfill

Verdi Towels are extra-large ultra hygienic towels made of sustainably sourced virgin wood pulp. They measure 100 x 200 centimetres and weigh only 100 grams. They are super soft and cloth like in texture. They are the ultimate 'on the go towel'. They ensure your skin remains healthy and clean with no fear of transferred bacteria unlike traditional cotton or microfiber towels.

size matters

super sized

verdi towels are supersized designed to wrap comfortably around all shapes and sizes. they measure 100 x 200 cms which is larger than an average bath sheet. 

super cosy

verdi towels are very soft, cosy and cloth like in
texture. they are kind to delicate hypersensitive skin. 

super light

verdi towels weigh only 100 grams each. they fit neatly into a small suitcase, backpack or even a handbag due to their low volume. 

Use for leisure

music festivals



camping towels

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for all beautiful shapes and sizes

Use for healthcare


elderly care

post natal care

verdi towels

gym towels 

Verdi Towels are not a replacement for luxury highly absorbent towels. They are however an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to the cotton towel. After use they can be disposed of in the household recycle or compost bin.

Use for travel

on the go




your questions

are they cost effective?

Verdi towels are sold in
packets of 10. The cost is order dependent.  A packet of 10, for example, works out at €4.50 per towel (inclusive of tax & vat). If the towel is used 10 times it essentially costs 45 cent per use. Laundering a towel of the equivalent size costs 50 cent. Gym towels (when provided) cost €1.00- €3.00 for one use only.  

how many uses?

Many believe using a towel
more than once is an anathema. However, household cotton bathroom towels are commonly used up to 7 times by an individual or by multiple members of the same household. Verdi Towels can be used a multitude of times by the same individual.

what about hygiene?

How many times you use these towels is entirely up to you.
They can be used for seven days on the trot. They can then be composted or biodegraded. If you wish to further prolong the use of your towel wash it in a 30 degree cycle and use it for a further
7 plus uses.  

kind to delicate skin

verdi towels are hypo-sensitive and hypoallergenic

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Use for student living


Verdi Towels are used by The Dartry Health Club, Rathgar,  Dublin 6 , Ireland, winners of the 2018 Irish Health Club of the Year. They are also used by 1Escape Gym, Smithfield, Dublin 7, Ireland.

"We are delighted with the Verdi range of Compostable
& Recyclable Towels. Our members love their size, versatility & convenience. They are both cost and time effective".

Sean, Club Manager,
The Dartry Health Club, Dublin 6, Ireland.

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything"   Dalai Lama


verdi towels are compostable

In ideal situations, Verdi towels will compost within only 24 hours. Our towels have been tried and tested by Enrich Ireland. Enrich is an award-winning compost manufacturer and is the largest producer of peat free products in Ireland. Enrich Ireland shredded twenty used Verdi Towels and can verify that they composted into nutrient rich soil in their labs within only 24 hours.


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soft and cosy

greener towels for a greener planet